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PRICE: $100.00
LENGTH: 30 Minutes

Is your skin looking a little dull lately? Have you lost that youthful glow? If you’re noticing sun damage, spots left behind from blemishes and uneven texture, you would benefit from a microdermabrasion! Treat yourself to a safe, comfortable, effective exfoliation session and get that glow back!



Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical way to repair and restore you skin to its youthful appearance. The treatment refines the texture of your skin while tightening the layers below the surface. Microdermabrasion reverses the signs of aging by bombarding the skin with tiny fine crystals that exfoliate and polish the skin. You will notice an immediate texture difference and see a healthy glow.


The microdermabrasion treatment requires no recovery time and is completely painless. During the treatment you feel a slight tingling sensation as the crystals exfoliate your skin. Immediately following your treatment you will notice a healthy flush to your complexion like after a workout. Removing the dead cells has revitalized your skin and now your skin care products will absorb better making them more effective. You’ll love the way your makeup looks after a treatment as well!

You should always use a daily sunscreen, but protecting your newly exfoliated skin from the sun is a must! Wear a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 35 following your microdermabrasion for at least a week.

Micropeel & Skincare

Combination of microdermabrasion and chemical peel, before and after treatment

Photos are actual results from
Dr. Turner's patients

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