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We carry Jane Iredale make-up with 100% natural ingredients. This is the truly original mineral makeup and is perfect for all skin types, producing a flawless, yet natural finish. This is the only complete all-natural mineral line that includes products ranging from liquid, pressed and loose foundations to blush, shadow, liners, bronzers and everything in between. From the boardroom to the red carpet, we can help you find the makeup look that fits your life. Makeup applications are included with most facial services. Special occasion makeup and makeup lessons are available with our makeup artist.

Mineral Makeup

PRICE: Various
LENGTH: 30 Minutes
Jane Iredale
Turner Medical Spa Mineral Makeup
Mineral Makeup

I started using Jane Iredale makeup almost two years ago and I will never go back to any other Mineral Makeup Line. This makeup is truly a skin care makeup, after using this makeup for about 2 weeks I started noticing an improvement in the color of my skin tone, I was and still am very satisfied with this makeup line!!

- Anonymous
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