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Turner Medical Spa Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a safe and effective way of brightening and refining your complexion. With many different peels to choose from, we can create the perfect “cocktail” for your individual skin needs and goals. Get that fresh healthy youthful skin you’re longing for today!



This involves application of a concentrated strength of alpha-hydroxy acids to remove several layers of dead skin cells. This allows the newer skin below to shine through, giving a youthful glow. Our experienced Aesthetician will also formulate a custom cocktail of additional ingredients to treat acne, dry skin, oily skin, pigmentation or any other skin ailment. This peel is easily modified to treat any skin type. The client can expect no downtime with this type of peel. Peels are quick and cause relatively little discomfort. We call it the “lunchtime peel”. Clients can expect to leave with a fresh healthy glow to their skin and our mineral make-up may be applied directly after treatment.



This involves application of a combination of four different chemicals specifically designed to target sun damage, fine lines and textural problems. This peel is a
little bit more intense than the glycolic peels. The peel is applied to this skin
and the patient leaves with it remaining on the skin. A specialized skin care
packet is included with the peel with aftercare instructions. It is best if the
peel remains on the skin for the remainder of the day and is washed off
the next morning. This peel will result in more peeling and flaking, especially
visible on day two and three with minimal pink undertones. Make-up can
be applied the next day.

Chemical Peel


Glycolic:  $110.00

ViPeel:  $300.00

LENGTH: 30 Minutes

Micropeel & Skincare

Combination of microdermabrasion and chemical peel, before and 
after treatment

Micropeel and Skincare Before
Micropeel and Skincare After

Photos are actual results from
Dr. Turner's patients

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