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BioLife Total Body Wellness Program

PRICE: Varies
LENGTH: 1 Hour Initial Exam

Get that youthful energy back and enjoy the prime of your life using bio-identical hormone replacement along with individualized diet, exercise and wellness protocols. Our extensive laboratory work-up includes complete blood counts and chemistry panels along with liver and kidney function, a specific cholesterol panel, vitamin levels, hormone levels and thyroid panels.


We also use the GE inBody 720 body composition scan to track your lean muscle and percent body fat. After a physical exam and assessment, Dr. Turner will personalize a treatment plan to get you back into your prime at your optimal health.

body composistion scan
BioLife Total Body Wellness

Congrats, the new facility is awesome and so is your team. I am receiving the best health care and coaching ever with your support. Thank you for investing in the future.

- K. B.
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