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How to Properly Apply Skin Products

As a rule of thumb, remember to apply the lightweight products first and then heavier ones.

*Serums. Apply first on cleansed skin. Day and night. A couple of drops will do your entire face.

*Retinol Cream. Apply only at night since they are sensitive to light and the sun can make them ineffective. Pat two pea-sized dots over your whole face.

*Moisturizer. Apply the appropriate moisturizer day and night. Even oily skin needs hydration. It can actually reduce the oil production. Apply twice a day if you are extra dry.

*Eye Cream. Twice a day apply a lentil size drop on the under eye and brow area using your ring finger. Remember to tap it on. No rubbing!

*Sunscreen. Don’t be tempted to skip this step! This could be the most important product you use. Even in the winter and on cloudy days. Be generous with it… at least a nickel size dollop. Be sure to apply along your hairline too.


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